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aeonum: 2021

Composition exploring percussive textures

anyone lived in a pretty how town: 2016

Choral commission from the University of Sheffield Chamber Choir. A setting of an E.E. Cummings poem, using close harmonies, overlapping vocal textures, and the unusual combination of low d whistle and voice to highlight Cummings' use of natural imagery.

Postcard from Yorkshire: 2021

Commission from charity Live Music Now.

A video aimed at children that features original music and storytelling drawing from Yorkshire's folklore. Part of a series celebrating Yorkshire by musicians who live there.

Apparitions, The Drystones: 2019

Apparitions: (n) false or strange appearances, such as ghosts, illusions echoes, and myths.
This is the theme of our album and it describes how the album relates to the musical traditions of the past; breathtaking instrumentals break boundaries but sound strangely familiar. Songs tell old tales of a distorted new world. Through the lens of our new music, we view folk as a lingering phantom of forgotten ways that still haunts our modern thinking...
"This is an absolute jewel of an album, pushing and growing the classic folk duo form" Marc Higgins - FATEA Magazine
"These two intrepid musicians have thrown everything into this album and the result is fantastic" Tom Newell - Songlines Magazine June 19
"Apparitions is the kind of album that could change the very meaning of contemporary folk music" Thomas Blake - Folk Radio UK

The Loft Tapes, Mishra: 2019

Formed in 2017 out of the creative partnership of Kate Griffin and Ford Collier, Mishra are a global
folk collective who weave influences from Indian classical music into their UK folk roots. For The Loft Tapes, Joss Mann-Hazell and John Ball join Kate and Ford for seven quartet tracks
and four trio tracks, all of which are recorded live-in-the-room in the loft of a farmhouse in
Gloucestershire to analogue tape. The process of capturing whole performances of the band playing
together, and the warmth and incredibly realistic sound of tape, make each track a snapshot of a
particular time and place; a musical moment suspended in time.

"Fascinating stuff... I'm really enjoying Mishra's blend" - Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2


“An airborne amalgam of cross-continental pollinations … More servings please” -Tim Cummings, Songlines Magazine


"Brilliantly executed Americana and folk mixed with Indian music... Lovely sound, beautifully sung… Gosh that’s tasty!“ -Mike Brocken, BBC Radio Merseyside


“It is a powerful and heady cocktail, yet at times almost mystical as well, bringing together the flavours and ingredients of four different continents, and producing a sumptuous feast for the ears… The Loft Tapes has undeniably forced its way into my top ten albums of 2019.” -David Auckland, Folk Radio

Changing Hands, 2021

Recent composition drawing from traditional Irish instrumental music and inspired by seasonal change. The arrangement uses temporal shift to represent the movement from winter to spring.

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